Digital Freeway®

Michael Bavaro
Executive Producer & Filmmaker

Michael Bavaro grew up in Massachusetts and his career led him to Hollywood and New York City.  He has produced and directed television and film promos for NBC, CBS, ABC, American Film Institute, Walt Disney Company, Food Network, Talk/Miramax, and numerous clients in his 25-year career. In 1993, he established Digital Freeway®, a new media company to design and create digital entertainment content.  From 1994-1997 he was a charter member of Verizon’s pioneering video-on-demand research.  Bavaro has won several awards and nominations for his work including a New England Emmy nomination for his documentary film about WBZ-TV legendary kid’s show Rex Trailer’s Boomtown which is now part of the permanent collection at the Museum of TV & Radio in New York City. 

Phone: 917-848-7174

Dr. Susan D. Edbril
Executive Producer

Dr. Sue Edbril grew up in New York. In 1975, she made Boston her permanent home and graduated from Tufts University magna cum laude in 1979. She received her master's degree at Harvard University and her Ph.D. in psychology at Boston College. Over the past 20 years she has worked at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, the Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and has been an Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. In her capacity as a teacher, supervisor, and therapist, Sue has focused on a variety of women's health and mental health issues. Sue continues to focus on these issues today in her private practice in Wellesley, Ma.

Phone: 617-429-8343


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